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Pioneering in-orbit satellite inspection to monitor space objects and their environment

HEO Robotics enables satellite-to-satellite imagery and delivers analytics that helps businesses, governments, and defence understand objects in the space environment.

Redefining Space Monitoring

We believe that in a world where space infrastructure is essential, a hybrid space architecture is key to protect and get the most out of your assets and data. 

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Photo identification

Identify objects that have not been previously cataloged or that are difficult to track and aid in determining object characteristics and activity.

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Protect critical infrastructure

Detect and analyse damage or malfunctions on spacecraft while keeping it safe from threats of space debris and adversarial satellites.

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Timely solutions

With access to 38 in-orbit sensors, we bring down satellite identification time and deliver reports on key objects within 24 hours of imaging.


Free up resources

HEO Inspect enhances space domain awareness efforts, reduces the need for in-house analysis, and responds faster to potential threats and changes.

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Our hybrid space architecture creates satellite-to-satellite imagery and comprehensive analytics, available at your fingertips. Satellites play an essential role in our society by connecting the world, observing Earth, and keeping us safe. HEO Inspect gives you the complete information you require to free up valuable resources and make important decisions quickly when it comes to managing and monitoring critical space infrastructure.

HEO Inspect

Unlocking Non-Earth Imaging

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Space Domain Awareness

Identify objects, track their movement, and predict their future trajectories. 

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Space Traffic Management

Monitor the space environment for orbital debris, which poses a growing threat to space assets. 

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Satellite Operations

Ensure the smooth running of on-orbit operations and monitor assets overtime

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National Security

Provide intelligence on the state, activity, and behaviour of space objects and its environment

Non-Earth imaging (NEI) is becoming a fundamental tool in space operations. Capturing images of space objects from space help identify and characterise space objects, assess the operational environment for space operations, support on-orbit collision risk assessment and manoeuvre planning, assist with navigation safety, asset health assessments, defunct satellite monitoring, and provide support for national security missions. As opposed to ground-based sensors, non-Earth imaging photos are immune to weather and geographical conditions and the images are much clearer and sharper.

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The universe needs real action

HEO Robotics supports the growth of space-based services that provide critical infrastructure and solutions to life on Earth. Our services are used by governments to increase space situational awareness by characterising objects in orbit and predicting their trajectories. Instead of contributing to space congestion, we repurpose cameras from in-orbit satellites to help categorise space debris, identify threats, and develop strategies for debris removal and management.


Space Sustainability and Safety

HEO Robotics was founded to revolutionise space technology towards making space transparent. We are deeply committed to maintaining a safe orbital environment, protecting essential space infrastructure, and ensuring the environment is kept sustainable for future missions to Earth orbit and beyond. That's why we are software-first and partner with companies to access existing space-based sensors when they are not in use rather than launching our own hardware. We transparently share intelligence with governments and other satellite operators to ensure accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information related to space safety, and space situational awareness is easily accessible.


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Intelligence about what's happening



A better way to monitor


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Protect what matters


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