On-demand, optical observation of space objects that matter

in space, from space

HEO Robotics combines swarm technology with nanosatellites to acquire high quality imagery of satellites, space-debris and resource-rich asteroids.

Left: Ground based sensor image

Right: HEO Robotics sensor image

Distance to satellite: 10 km

Distance to satellite: 36700 km



HEO Robotics is based in Sydney, Australia. ​

William Crowe
CEO & Dynamics Specialist
PhD in Astrodynamics - UNSW, Syndey
Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) - UNSW, Sydney
Hiranya Jayakody
CTO & Control Specialist
PhD in Mechatronics - UNSW, Syndey
Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) - UoP, Sri Lanka

Advisory Board

Tim Parsons, Co-founder of X-lab, Co-founder of Delta-V, Futurist
Graziella Caprarelli,​ Director of heo robotics, Hypatia Scientifica, Honorary Associate, University of Technology, Sydney
Dr. Tim Parsons
Co-founder: X-lab & Delta-V
Deep-tech Futurist

Solai Valliappan
Finance, Strategy and Risk

Solai Valliappan, Finance Strategy and Risk of heo robotics, ex-Zurich
Prof. Graziella Caprarelli
Director, Hypatia Scientifica
Honorary Associate, University of Technology, Sydney
Chris Quirk
Financial Strategy
Rampersand VC

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