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Easily turn downtime into revenue

Our supplier program contributes to the safe and sustainable use of space. We are collaborating with satellite operators to leverage their sensors and data for integration into HEO Inspect. Our innovative platform combines flyby inspection and computer vision capabilities to deliver critical insights to users, advancing their comprehension of their space assets and their surroundings. We offer a unique revenue opportunity for our partners by generating business when their sensors are not in use.


Pointing error

Telemetry data

< 10% of the field-of-view of the sensor

Onboard GPS & Sensor Attitude

Image resolution (GSD)

Sensor tasking

 < 10m/pixel @ 500KM

Secure API [optional]

Imaging type

No Push Broom Sensors

Timing error

 < 5ms

Satellite blueprint

How it Works

Our innovative technology turns single capability satellites into multi-use capability satellites to make the most of their time in orbit without compromising core mission objectives. Our approach involves completing requests based on another passing satellite rather than relying on a prime location on Earth. We take care of the entire imaging process and all you need to do is point and image.​

We developed the Holmes Imager - a telescopic space camera designed to be easily hosted as a secondary payload on spacecraft. Holmes' advanced optics will deliver higher-quality images, giving our customers better insights.

Holmes Imager


Consider applying to join our supplier program, if your sensors meet the minimum specifications. Have a spacecraft going to space and need a sensor? Reach out!


Satellite icon

Fast track your entry into the NEI market and realise additional revenue during satellite downtime

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Support space sustainability by working with HEO Robotics to improve satellite efficiency and effectiveness

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Our technology integrates with your existing systems without compromising core mission objectives

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