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The easiest way to monitor your assets

Deliver Insights and Intelligence

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Monitor Vital Equipment

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Detect Changes in Real Time

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HEO Inspect is a satellite inspection software that generates unprecedented intelligence to give satellite operators certainty regarding the state, behaviour, threats, and anomalies of on-orbit assets to make informed decisions.


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Prolong the life of your space asset


HEO Inspect generates timely and accurate intelligence on your satellite into one accessible report. 

Our visual insights allow satellite operators to quickly detect and diagnose potential issues. The actionable report empowers you to answer urgent questions to inform decision makers, free up time from understanding ambiguous numbers, and protect your valuable asset.

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Making space transparent


Our identification services can easily distinguish satellites from others in space, which is essential

for post-deployment identification.

HEO Inspect quickly characterises known and unknown objects to avoid collisions and other hazards. This capability keeps space objects safe and secure and contributes to maintaining the overall integrity of the space environment.

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everything you wanted to know...
...but your dataset never told you

Monitoring & Verification

Our space-based sensors allow for close and frequent imaging, empowering HEO Inspect to monitor valuable assets over time and track any predicted or unpredicted changes.


Our software platform gives satellite owners confidence that their asset is operating efficiently by verifying their asset's attitude, orientation, and location.

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Numbers tell you what’s happening. HEO Robotics' visual insights tell you why. So you can make the changes that matter.

We’re changing the status quo by providing the imagery and intelligence satellite operators need to monitor and understand their satellites and space objects that may pose a threat to their operations.


Satellite-to-satellite imaging provides an indepth look of objects in-orbit. Images are annotated with unique insights. And an actionable report is generated, empowering satellite operators to make informed decisions on their mission and the threats in their environment.


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next-gen imaging

Holmes Imager

Holmes Imager is a telescopic space camera we developed and is designed to be hosted as a secondary payload on a spacecraft. Once launched, Holmes relies on the host spacecraft for ground communication, power, attitude control, GPS time, and telemetry for operation. 

Holmes is the next-generation of space-to-space imagery. Holmes’ advanced optics will deliver higher-quality images, giving our customers more coverage and better insights.

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