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Revolutionary capabilities

to act in space

We deliver new, true and useful information on important objects to support policy making, national security and intelligence assessment, maintenance, servicing, security, operations, resilience, supply chains. We are building an infrastructure that can also facilitate new economic sectors and emerging commercial areas such as active debris removal or space sustainability. 


With more players entering the space environment, government decision makers are seeking to establish policies, international norms of behaviour, and regulations and enforcement for activities in orbit, all while ensuring the safety and understanding of domestic space objects. We support governments with access to non-Earth Imaging and analytics to keep them in the know about what is happening in space to support their efforts in understanding and creating and enforcing effective governance and policy.


Satellite operators face increasing competition and complexity and risks in the space environment. They are using satellites, to deliver essential services including banking and finance, navigation, fire prevention and safety, monitoring climate change, security, flooding and risk management, support current and future space exploration activities, and many more.  Our intelligence and analytics help them manage the risk of mission failure and reduce the risk of mission failure in the future by improving supply chains on Earth.


Defence organisations need accurate, timely and novel insights on global space programmes to help shape strategic policies and assessments with wider government customers. We support them with real-time intelligence, space situational awareness, and asset monitoring so they can answer questions to defence and intelligence and quickly disseminate information to decision makers.

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