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We're unlocking the power of non-Earth imaging

HEO Robotics was founded in 2016 by PhD students Dr. Will Crowe and Dr. Hiranya Jayakody with a mission to make space transparent


HEO Robotics was founded under the belief that space should be transparent. We are the first company to offer commercial in-orbit satellite inspection services. Through HEO Inspect, our proprietary satellite imaging and analytics generation software, we provide intelligence that enables assessment of the status, operation, and anomalous behaviour of objects in orbit, empowering decision-makers to act with confidence in space and on Earth. We are a software-first company who prioritises partnerships to support space sustainability. We work with other satellite operators and space companies to access their existing sensors to provide resolved imagery to HEO Inspect. We currently serve government, defence and commercial customers in Australia, USA, and UK.

SpaceX Launch

Meet The Founders

HEO Robotics was founded in 2016 by CEO Dr. William Crowe and CTO Dr. Hiranya Jayakody while completing their PhDs. During their PhDs, they quickly found that there were urgent applications to space debris and inspecting damaged satellites. HEO Robotics then went on to be accepted into Y Combinator, the world’s top accelerator program. Today, they lead a team to help satellite operators and governments monitor their assets to keep them safe and optimise their satellite life.

Photo of Will Crowe and Hiranya Jayakody

Dr. Will Crowe

Dr. Hiranya Jayakody


Earth from space

HEO Robotics is focused on acquiring and harnessing data from space-based sensors to give satellite operators and governments confidence to monitor, understand and protect vital space assets.

We are forming a network of sensors to provide ubiquitous coverage, with the ultimate mission to image key objects within the Solar System on demand.

Satellite in space

Responsible custodianship

Make space transparent

Space should be easy


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